This is the sixth AE and the 182nd episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Zhuge Kongming continues Giga's Absolute Quest and attempts to conquer Calmon Castle...

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Notes & Trivia

  • The 'Little Brother' Guan Yu is referring to is Zhang Fei whilst the 'older brother' is Liu Bei.
    • In a fictional event from the historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms,  Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei took an oath of fraternity in a ceremony in the Peach Garden and became sworn brothers from then on.
  • Calmon is the name of the guild and their castle is referred to as Calmon Castle by Zhuge Kongming.
  • The Line Webtoon translation did not include the name of Monde's personal attribute and instead called it a 'special attribute'. This can be seen below:
    • Line Webtoon: "But the guild master who goes by the name of Monde is the problem...He has a powerful special attribute which specialises in defending the castle from outside threats"
    • Better translation: "The personal attribute of the guild master, Monde...'Aqueous' ability to go inside the castle and defend it from outside threats is very powerful"
  • The Giga spy is most likely Liu Bei and a few hints where dropped in this AE:
    • Ear lobes: The woman has large earlobes. Liu Bei, is said to have had ears reaching to his shoulders, similar to many statues of Buddha.
    • Double Swords: The woman used two swords. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, Liu Bei wields a pair of double edged swords called shuang gu jian (雙股劍)
    • Three visits: Liu Bei went to see Zhuge Liang and finally had an audience with him after three visits. This was referenced when the woman said she to Zhuge Kongming: "I didn't need to visit you three times to have you on my side, huh?".
    • Friends: Liu Bei was good at making friends Liu Bei was well liked by his contemporaries. Liu Bei made friends with famous and heroic people and many youths had struggled to attach to him. The Giga spy said "I made friends with everyone...".
  • This is the first episode since Episode 57 where the Absolute Quest is mentioned.
  • A list of Guild's are seen on Zhuge Kongming's Absolute Quest window. The Guilds in red have been conquered whilst the guilds in green are the next targets. The list of the guilds seen as they appeared on the list are:
  • This is the second AE to not have any sub story titles. The first being AE 1.
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