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This is the fifth AE Episode and the 181st Episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Lazie's Deadly Move

Dark attempts to learn Lazie's deadly moves...

A New Rule

A new rule is introduced in a PK between two players.

Character Appearances 

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • The 'Lazie's Deadly Move' that dark is referring to is Bear Hunt.
  • Bekanea is the second female demon seen introduced in the series. The first being Cosina.
  • Bekanea called Dark 'a lowly human'. Dark's race is an elf in Lucid Adventure. This might be an error by the author or she is aware that he is a human from 'The Other World'.
  • When Dark is facing the two bears, his right arm is tied up at first then in the scenes after, his left arm is tied up.
  • '인물형' is translated by Line Webtoon as 'Human Type' in this AE. Previously it had been translated as 'Person Type'.
  • Gladiator's Strike was mistranslated as Gladiator's Rage by Line Webtoon.
  • Cave is seen holding a shadow like entity by the neck after Dumpling Prince's defeat. It is possible that he squeezed Dumpling Prince's shadows neck which caused his suffocation but this has not been confirmed.
  • A new rule, Sleepwalk, is explained.