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This is the first AE Episode and the 177th Episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


The 100 most useful (as evaluated by Nightmare Choco Bibi) Nightmare players are teleported to the God of Death's Domain. They plan to find No Name, Zero's last "daughter" and make her their queen.

Giga wipes out any trace of rumours of them using nightmare in the combat tournament. The manipulate the media so that no one remembers about the incident.

Drip Soup and Tempest go to Yopi Land to ask for help. It is revealed that the mana veins Choco Bibi's eyes have been damaged by over-exertion during the Battle of the Gods, leaving him visually impaired.

Pooh Upooh reveals that Yopi is dying and Giga has been attacking Yopi Land relentlessly after the Combat Tournament, so therefore they cannot afford to help Grass Roots. Mage Nutella offers to help Grass Roots, and send them on a quests to gather materials to make glasses for Choco Bibi.

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Lucid Adventure

Notes & Trivia

  • The Korean version included the author's notes explaining what AE is and it's purpose. This was left out of the English version which caused a lot of confusion with regards to the status of the series. The Author's notes can be found here.
  • This is the only AE that has no sub-titles for each different section.
  • The Episode is a direct continuation from Episode 174, after the Gods clash tore the space around them and destroyed the Tomb of Swords.
  • Nightmare Choco Bibi only teleported a 100 Nightmare players.
  • According to Pooh Upooh, Giga attacked Yopi Land aggressively immediately the Combat Tournament ended.
  • Giga manipulated the media to bury Light's use of Nightmare during the Combat Tournament.
  • Drip Soup called Tempest "Hyung" (형) (LINE Webtoon: bro) which means Tempest is older than him.
  • Drip Soup calls Bibi "Bibi-hyung" (비비형) (LINE Webtoon: Bibi) which means Choco Bibi is older than him.
  • Tempest called Tempest "Hyung" (형) (LINE Webtoon: bro) which means Tempest is older than him.

Translation Notes & Errors

  • Nightmare Choco Bibi Said "악몽의 시작, 세계의 핵을 가진 자..제로가 사라진 지금 남은건-"; "제로의 마지막딸 -"; "그녀만이 나이트메어를 하나로 통솔할 수 있어. 그녀를 찾아 우리의 왕으로 삼는다." LINE Webtoon: "Zero, who started The Nightmare, who possess the core of the world, with Zero gone, all we have left now is...Zero's Last daughter."; "Only she can unify all the Nightmares into one and lead us. We find her and make her our Queen." Better Translation: "The Beginning of the Nightmare, the one with the nucleus of the world.. what's left now that Zero is gone -"; "Zero's Last Daughter"; "Only she can unify the Nightmares into one and lead us. We find her and make her our King (monarch)".
  • Nathan Han says to the older men on the table: "어르신들 덕분에 저희 기가가 항상 든든합니다." LINE Webtoon: "Gentlemen, Giga Empire is safe with you around". Literal translation: "Thanks to the elderly, our Giga is always reassured".