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+16 Treasured Sword of the Heroes is a sword used by the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Stats: Unknown.

Effect: Unknown

The Sword appears to have a lot of jewels embedded on it.[1]


Season 1

The Reset Arc

Along with the rest of his Golden items, +16 Treasured Sword of the Heroes was taken from Hardcore Leveling Warrior by Zero after she paralyzed him with the Paralysis Sword.[2]

PvP Round Final Arc

During the PvP Round Final, he temporarily regained the +16 Treasured Sword of the Heroes after Dark used Rewind to return him to his #1 Ranked form. He equipped the +16 Treasured Sword of the Heroes along with The Sword of Honor to deliver a Lacerate (節) to a Light had succumbed to Zero's Nightmare.[1] The Sword was destroyed alongside the Sword of Honor after HCLW used the Lacerate.[3]

Translation Issues

'+16 용자의 보검' is incorrectly translated by LINE Webtoon as +16 Hero's Blade.

용자 means "the brave; a Hero". 보검 means "Treasured Sword, Precious Sword".

The correct translation is therefore +16 Treasured Sword of the Brave, +16 Treasured Sword of the Heroes or +16 Hero's Treasured Sword

Notes & Trivia

  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior called this sword his "cutie" in Episode 167. There was a mistranslation by LINE Webtoon that stated that the weapon was one of his "two favourite items"; he simply called it his "cutie" like he does all his other Golden Items.
  • It has been assumed that the second sword Hardcore Leveling Warrior used in Episode 167 is the +16 Treasured Sword of the Heroes because it was one of the items Zero took from him in Episode 1.
  • Some fans theorise that the sword mey be a Hero Item and related to The Heroes. Some even believe that Hardcore Leveling Warrior could not equip it in Episode 1 because he did not have the Hero title. As of yet this is mere speculation and has to be confirmed by the author.