+16 Hero's Sword is a sword that Hardcore Leveling Warrior used when he was the #1 Ranker.[1]


Stats: unknown.

The Sword appears to have a lot of jewels embedded on it.[2]

It was one of the items taken away from him after he was paralyzed by Zero.[1]

During the PvP Round Final, he temporarily regained the +16 Hero's Sword after Dark used Rewind to return him to his #1 Ranked form. He equipped the +16 Hero's Sword along with The Sword of Honor to deliver a Lacerate (節) to a Light had succumbed to Zero's Nightmare.[2] The Sword was destroyed alongside the Sword of Honor after HCLW used the Lacerate.[3]

Notes & Trivia

  • According to HCLW, this is one of his 2 favourite items alongside The Sword of Honor.
  • It is possible Hardcore Leveling Warrior had the +16 Hero Sword in Episode 1, but it as he did not have the 'Hero' title at the time. After clearing the Trial of the Dragon and gaining the 'Hero' title, fulfilling the conditions to equip the item.


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